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(See also advice on backups and connections)

Input of Meet Information

  1. Open TM
  2. Click on YES box if adding/editing information. You will need an active internet connection
  3. Log in – Then click box GET NEW COPY – EDIT MODE
  4. Upload Information – this Edit Locks the system
  5. Click on Meets


  1. Click on Add
  2. Meet Maintenance Box will Open
  3. Complete details in the box, including dates etc and then close  box
  4. Meet should appear on the Meet List.


  1. Click on the Meet that you want to add events to.
  2. Then Click on EVENTS in the menu.
  3. In Events – Click on ADD
  4. Create the events. To make life easier when adding results, break events down, look at previous Meets to see. They can be edited as well in this section.
  5. If you haven’t added any results to the given event, you can delete events if they are incorrect. If not you will have to go to EVENT BROWSER to delete.


  1. Highlight Event
  2. Click on ENTRIES
  3. If entering a few athletes click on ENTRIES BY EVENT and enter it that way, following information shown.


  1. Highlight Event, if event not created, create it.
  2. Click on RESULTS
  3. If Events not created, add Results directly. If Events created – COPY ACROSS – Follow directions as they appear on the screen.
  4. On Results Page: Enter Team
  5. If only a few swimmers go to Results by swimmer. If lots of entries go to Results  by Event
  6. If already set up go to Existing Entries, if not find swimmer and enter results.
  7. To add Splits, highlight time and then click on Splits in Menu Bar.
  8. If need to edit swimmers from Results go to RESULTS BROWSER Tab, delete swimmer /time that is correct then add new results.
  9. Once Results entered CLICK to close and UPLOAD, this will save information. If inputting a lot of information on do this every hour or so, just to avoid losing data.


  1. Once entered Meet Data go to Meet Reports
  2. To get Meet information for coached, print off SPLIT SHEETS/SWIMMERS entered in MEET/ENTRY REPORT.
  3. For Results go to MEET RESULTs and create Meet Results Report for given Meet. Once Report is created, click on far LEFT ICON in Menu Bar, which says EXPORT RESULTS.
  4. FORMAT MENU: scroll down to Microsoft Word (Editable) to Edit or Microsoft Word to print as is. DESTINATION MENU: scroll up to Application. A small box then comes up that says EXPORT OPTIONS: Click ok and the report appears for you to save.
  5. Just to print: Click on PRINT ICON and print report.
  6. In general it is best to save report and send it through to coaches /groups first. It can then be printed and added to notice board.

You will need to play to get things right. It is often best to get things double-checked before sending out information but this isn’t always possible. Please be aware that the information has to be kept confidentially due to data protection etc.

[DW, March 2012]