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Help for meet timing and results operators

Automatic Officiating Equipment (AOE)

At Kingsmead, the software and hardware used is the Omega/Swiss Timing ARES 21 ('Advanced Result Entry Station'), a very well established and widespread system.ARES documentation is available online: There is also some information on the Basingstoke Bluefins site, including a PowerPoint introduction for AOE operators. The Dundee City Aquatics site has extra links for ARES.

Tips on using ARES are given below.

Results software

CCSC uses Meet Manager from Hy-Tek to process gala results. As at April 2013 we use version 4. Times registered by the pads and processed by ARES transfer automatically to Meet Manager or to other software such as SportSystems Meet Organisation or CORGI. See below for a checklist for setting up this link.

More information: Meet Manager 4 online user guide; Hy-Tek download page (manual in zip format, demo etc). Tips on using Meet Manager are given below.

Meet Manager 4 adds the capability of sending real-time results to the web: see the Meet Mobile page for some information on this.

Swimmer/times database

CCSC uses Hy-Tek Team Manager to keep track of swimmer data. More information here.

Transferring results between ARES and Meet Manager (MM)

Checklist to connect ARES and MM computers

(See the separate page for connecting ARES and CORGI if this system is being used. There is a document on the Swiss Timing website on connecting to MM.)

Using Ares timing computer

Front light on red ARES console flashes when on/OK/ready

The meet schedule can be downloaded to ARES from Meet Manager once a connection is established. This is initiated from MM, under Run the Meet, Interfaces | Timer (ARES) | Download Events to ARES. Alternatively, the list of events can be entered manually in ARES.

To test pads, run a test heat before the session:

Usually at the end of warm-up (may do more than one test)

Mark up number of heats on programme and watch for change of event as the meet progresses!

Shortcuts (need focus in race window):

Other tips on ARES

Meet Manager tips

On the day

Checklist for printing:

Printing/seeding/miscellaneous tips for MM

To specify a printer for reports: Set up | Report Preferences | Printer Set-up

If events are seeded weirdly (e.g. circle seeded) go to: Set up | Seeding Preferences - set number of events to circle seed to 1 from the default 3. Then in Standard Lanes, Lane Preferences for Seeding, set 6 lane pool to 6,5,4,3,2,1. You then have to manually spearhead the last heat if this is wanted.

To set up for results by age group:
Click on top tab 'events'
Double click on event number
Middle column at bottom of page
Tick multi age group then click on square next to it
Start completing:-
Line 1 0 9
Line 2 10 11
Line 3 12 13
Line 4 14 15
Line 5 16 16
Line 6 17 109
This will do the main age group results but not open / junior

MM4 has added an extra set of age groups so overlapping groups are now possible: so one age group set can have 16 years and another 16 and under.

For 14 and over events (e.g. club championships 2011)
set to 14-109 in Age group dialog; 14 & Over appears automatically; then set
14 15
16 16
17 109
as the groups

Memorised reports – results, lane timer sheets etc. – are accessed from top level of MM
html reports have been saved to c:\hy-sport\SWMM2\html\

Possible uploads to the web

(In addition to the automatic uploads done for Meet Mobile)
Heat lists
Results inc. splits (by session and cumulative)
Teams and individual rankings

Useful reports

To get entry totals, e.g. for ASA forms, go to Reports | Teams | Team Rosters tab | Athlete/Entry count.

Hy-Tek and Sportsystems

In general these two software systems for running meets and tracking swimmers and memberships do not talk. But Sportsystems can export meet results in a form understood by Hy-Tek, using SDIF files. More here.