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Team Stats Online

CCSC results for the last four years are available through Team Stats Online.
Links: using TSO, and links to ASA rankings etc.

Live results with Meet Mobile

For home galas at Kingsmead we aim to provide live results via the Meet Mobile apps for Apple and Android devices as well as on this website.


See the News page for gala reports. The Canterbury Times (and other local editions of the Times group of free papers, published on Wednesdays) and Kentish Gazette (Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay editions), which comes out on Thursdays, often cover our competitions.

CCSC Results


Kent Junior League, round 1, 17 May: full results | CCSC PBs (and first time swims) | all CCSC swims: individuals | event order with relays

Canterbury Spring Open Gala: CCSC PBs and first time swims| all CCSC swims. See the gala webpage and the British Swimming website for full results.

Wycombe gala: CCSC PBs | all CCSC swims

Icebreaker gala: CCSC PBs | all CCSC swims


Club championships, 6, 8, 15 September: full results for sessions 1, 2 , 3.

Herne Bay Open Meet, 6 July: full results (pdf download) | CCSC PBs | all CCSC swims

Dover White Cliffs gala, 29-30 June: full results | report
Note the results include swimmers who were awarded 'speeding tickets' and so don't qualify for awards.

Kent Junior League round 1, 15 June: full results | CCSC PBs (and first time swims) | all CCSC swims: individuals | event order with relays

Cardiff International Open Meet, 7-9 June: full results | CCSC PBs | all CCSC swims

ASA South East Region championships (eXcel results): Juniors | Age Group (BAGCATS)

Margate Open Gala, 2 June: full results | CCSC results: PBs (per cent improvements), all swims

East Invicta Development Gala, 18-19 May
Pdf file downloads: Day 1 | Day 2

Canterbury Medley Madness Open Gala, 27 April: full results available from the gala webpage

Kent ASA championships:
first weekend CCSC results (sessions 1-4)
Full results (KASA website)

Wycombe District Swimming Club Long Course Open Meet, 16-17 February:
CCSC results: showing per cent improvements; showing time improvements; PBs only

Icebreaker Open Gala, 12-13 January: see links on the main Icebreaker page for the complete results.
CCSC results: showing per cent improvements; showing time improvements; PBs only


Canterbury Christmas Open Gala, 29 December
Full results with split times
CCSC swimmers' results: by name | new PBs
Please note that in these lists, where a time is marked as meeting the Kent standard this is for the swimmer's current age group: if they have a birthday between 29 December and the last day of the Kent championships, 17 March, they will need to have met the standard for the next age group up.

South East Region Open/Junior Winter Championships
1-2 December, Aldershot (25m)

East Invicta Championships: Sessions 1-4 (first weekend). Sessions 5-8 (second weekend). BAGCAT placings | team placings | championship records.

Club Championships
Top three scorers in all age categories (awards).
Bagcat scores (top individuals overall)
Full results by age group | Full results with split times | Time only swims. More information here.

Herne Bay Open Gala, 7 July

Dover White Cliffs Gala, 23-24 June

Canterbury Open Gala, 19 May

South East Region Age Group championships, K2 Crawley
CCSC results | SER website

Bexley Open Meet, Crystal Palace, 14-15 April

Canterbury and Dover Icebreaker Gala, 7-8 January:
Saturday: Sessions 1-3
Sunday: Session Four | Five | Six

Kent Secondary Schools Championships, 21/28 January

Kent Championships

Kent relays

Previous years' results