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Club Policies and Documents

Mission Statement (Can 1.01)

The aim of the City of Canterbury Swimming Club is to encourage its members to fulfill their potential in life through the medium of competitive swimming. The club sets out to achieve this aim in an environment which is positive, friendly and open to all.

The values of teamwork, commitment, discipline, and positive encouragement are central to how we operate as individuals and as a club.

Links to policies and procedures documents
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Can 1.01 Teaching Programme Review Process

Can 2.1 Swim Skill Development Communication

Can 3.1 Disabled Athletes

Can 4.1 Continued Professional Development for Coaching Staff

Can 5.1 Communications Procedure

Can 6.1 Life Membership Award Policy & Procedure

Can 7.1 Grievance and Disputes Procedure

Can 8.1 Expulsion and Disciplinary Action Procedure

Can 9.1 Gala Entry

Can 10.1 Gala Procedure for Swimmers

Disabled Athletes and Athletes with Long Term Medical Conditions


The list of procedures

Club Policy on Swine Flu

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