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Club Championships 2014


Programme of events | entry list (as at 2 September)
CCSC 'first gala' guide (and full parent's guide).

Download meet mobile if you can to follow the races and results.

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(From 2 September email)

Club Championships is almost upon us. The event has been published to meet mobile, and results will be available throught the event. Please download to your phone/tablet if you are able to.

The swimmer entry lists are attached in case you need them. I have also enclosed the programme. Please note the slight revision to timings. It's 1.30 race start on both Sundays now. This is a licensed gala and organised just like any other gala, with referees, officials etc. You therefore need to arrive at the beginning of the session, rather than in time for a particular race.

Invoices will go out shortly for the nominal sum of £5 per swimmer, for the entire event. There will be an admin fee, for unauthorised withdrawals.

We still have a few gaps and need more help on Friday 5th and Sunday 7th, please contact Tony McDonnell (email: open@ccscswim.org.uk)

Please encourage your swimmers, but don't expect a full set of PBs! It's as much about the coaches assessing where the swimmers are in terms of fitness, as it is about medals and trophies, especially for those swimming the full compliment of events. For those that are fairly new to competitive swimming I enclose the guide to competitive swimming, to give an idea of how it all fits together. There are a few changes being made by the ASA, so some elements may change. Please note the section on "first gala - page 20".

Finally good luck and we hope everyone enjoys it.


Any questions, please speak to your lane coach or Tony.