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Kent Junior League 2013, Round 1

Thanks to Anne and Austin Witter for compiling this report.

16 June 2013: Round 1 of the Kent Junior Swimming League kicks off at Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Canterbury with the host club running an A and B team. Visiting clubs tonight are Black Lion, Larkfield and Beckenham. Canterbury swimming in Lane 5. The scratch team for Canterbury swims in Lane 6.

1 Girls 9-10 medley relay 4 x 25m. and a promising start by Canterbury in the opening length, taking first to turn. Second and third lengths held onto first place and a final sprint to claim a first place for the Canterbury girls with 1:22.80.

2 Boys 9-10 medley relay 4 x 25m. Decent start by the boys, turning in second place after one length. Beckenham move into the lead after 2 lengths. Strong fly length to keep Canterbury in second and a solid swim secures second place with 1:27.72.

3 Girls 11/ under 50m Free. Canterbury strong off the blocks and 3 swimmers turn tied. Beckenham secure the win and Canterbury take second with Lulu Willet 34.20 and Jenny Adams for the Scratch team 34.45.

4 Boys 11/under 50m free. Canterbury once again strong off the blocks and continues to swim strongly to score another win for Canterbury with Oscar Parrick winning 35.42 and Nattie Hopper 54.07 for the Scratch team.

5 13/u Girls 4 x 50 free relay. All four swimmers turn tied for the lead. Great swimming. Canterbury emerging slowly to take the lead other second 50 to pull a body length ahead. Picked up in the 3 rd 50 and extends the lead to about three body lengths. Powerful last leg by Canterbury to bring home another Canterbury first place. Great swimming girls.

6 boys 13/u 4 x 50 free relay. C'mon boys – follow the girls. Straight away two swimmers tied but Canterbury take the first leg. Second 50 pulls out a couple of lengths giving a nice lead to leg 3. Great stuff guys. The boys are now about a half pool length in the lead and the last 50 brings the boys home with a very comfortable win.

7 Girls 11/u 50m Breaststroke. Clara takes it out for Canterbury and swims a very strong 50 to take another win. PB 41:51 and Jenny Adams for Scratch team 45.16.

8 Boys 50 Br. And the Canterbury team seem to have the bit between their teeth tonight. Strong swim win a nice battle with Beckenham but still holds onto another win for Canterbury – Joseph Russell 45.62.

9 Girls 12/u 4 x 50 medley relay. Nice start again for Canterbury taking the lead after the first 50. Still closely fought with Beckenham down the second 50 but Canterbury holding strong. Third 50 the fly leg and Canterbury pulls more out to stretch a little more of the lead and the handover was excellent which sets the girls up for another fine full pointer.

10 Boys 12/u 4 x 50 medley relay. Boys have to match that. Oliver Witter takes out the first 50 with a fine swim to take the lead. Hands over to Joseph Russell who has a close swim to lose out slightly to Larkfield but maintain the lead by a hair. Canterbury show their mettle in the fly and pull out a nice stretch to the lead and the final 50 and hold it strong to take the win.

11 girls 10 yr 50 freestyle. Canterbury and Beckenham compete closely but Beckenham display a fine performance to take the win with Canterbury settling for a second spot with Hana Allen 39.65 and Daisy Saunders finishing 43.38 for the Scratch team.

12 Boys 10 yr 50 freestyle. Great dive by Beckenham and Canterbury have to work hard in this one. The competition is very strong but Beckenham take it and the Canterbury scratch team took second. Canterbury main team get third with Luka Scannell 42.77 and Samuel Jack for the Scratch team 41:53.

13 Girls 12/u 100 breast. Canterbury out fast and straight into the lead. Turning first but close competition from Beckenham. Clara takes out about a body-length in the lead and swims an excellent final 25 to win comfortably. Great swim Clara with 1:30.29 and Bethan Collins for the Scratch team 1:35.05.

14 Boys 12/u 100 breast. Oliver Witter up now for the 100 breast. Down the first 25 and Ollie turns in second spot but Oliver revs it up a bit and pulls into the lead by 50 m. Good strong swim but Larkfield finish strongly to pip Canterbury at the post. Second place, 1:38.60.

15 Girls 11/u 50 fly. Chiara Ho up for Canterbury and off to a fast start and straight into the lead. Very good swim and another win for Canterbury 37.54 and Isabelle Woodard 42.29 for Scratch team.

16 Boys 11/u 50 fly. Good start by both Canterbury teams and they secure a first and second. Nice racing boys. Another win for Canterbury Joseph Russell 39.86 and Ryan Waters for the Scratch team 41:02.

17 Girls 13/u 100 back. Nice start and both Canterbury girls swim strong but not strong enough for the girl from Beckenham who maintains a strong form to take the win for Beckenham. Canterbury get second spot with Margo Koets 1:17.55 and Lucy Davidson for the Scratch team 1:19.38.

18 Boys 13/u 100 back. Max Hulbert now for Canterbury. Max, fresh from the regionals, is swimming his favourite stroke. Canterbury and Beckenham share the lead down the first 25 with Beckenham edging into the lead at the 50m mark. Max is digging in and holding his own and trails by inches but fingertips hold him into second place but a solid performance and a well deserved second 1:16.52.

19 Girls 12/u 100 fly. Again Canterbury off strongly and a tight 25 but Canterbury turn in the lead. The second 50 sees Canterbury out in front and a nice stretch down the last 25 sees Canterbury winning well. Chiara Ho 1:26.25 and Rosie Broujeni for the Scratch team 130.86.

20 Boys 12/u 100 fly. Tom Wilton now for Canterbury and a super dive from Tom and takes up the lead. Tom just pulls away and keeps going to secure an easy win for the Canterbury Marlins. Well done that man!!! 1:22.35

21 Girls 10yr 50 back. Canterbury again off to a flying start and just keeps going. Another win and fine swim for Canterbury with Eleanor Casey 41:78 and Hana Allen for the Scratch team 48.95

22 Boys 10yr 50 back. Tight first length with the usual three teams closely fighting the lead. Beckenham take first and Canterbury finish 2 and 3.

23 Girls 13/u 100 breast. Same as the previous race with Beckenham turning in first and holding off down the second length. Good swim by Canterbury down the second 50 but the fight is a little too much. Beckenham get first but Canterbury take the runner up spot. Fine swimming by all teams so far, 2nd place Lucy Davidson1:32.22.

24 Boys 13/u 100 breast. James Wilton now for Canterbury and he sets the pace up the first length to turn I first place. James pulls out a nice lead down the second length and as she sets off for the final 50 is well in the lead. Comfortable in the end for James to restore the Canterbury run of first places. 1:25.65.

25 Girls 11/u 4 x 25 medley relay. Top three clubs fighting for the lead in length 1 and length pull out a lead in length 2. This sets the form for lengths 3 & 4 to win again for the Marlins. 1:14.53.

26 Boys 11/u 4 x 25 medley relay. Once again the top three content down length 1 with  Beckhamhan and Canterbury fighting closely. Leg three sees Beckenham pull ahead but a storming last length by Canterbury sees a fingertip win for Beckenham. Canterbury 1:18.99

27 Girls 12/u 4 x 50 free relay. Straightaway Canterbury jump into the lead and swim well turning first. It's to and fro between Canterbury and Beckenham all the way to the 100 m mark. Clara takes leg three and pulls back the lead for Canterbury and squeeze in front for the last 50. What a race very tight final 50 with Canterbury turning first and pulling away in the final length to win a closely contested relay. 2:17.96

28 Boys 12/u 4 x 50 free relay. Canterbury off to a flying start, taking up the lead after the first 50. This is stretched out further in the sending 50 and the boys showing that they mean business. Third 50 and still maintaining the lead. Same story for the final leg and a storming 50 from Tom Wilton sees a comfortable first spot for the Marlins. 2:15.63

29 Girls 11/u 50m back. Canterbury out as expected and take the lead. Lulu Wille is swimming out of her skin tonight with another fine swim to take yet another top spot. Great swimming, 39.38, and Isabelle Woodard 43.05 for the Scratch Team.

30 Boys  11/u 50 m back. Both Canterbury teams contending in this race but the main team turn well into first spot and hold off to win. Well done Ryan Waters 41:88 and Angus Lister for the scratch team 46.63.

31 Girls 9/10 4 x 25 free. Both the Canterbury girls off like whippets but Beckenham take the lead down second leg. Canterbury fight back in leg three and sets up a final sprint for the Marlins to try and snatch first spot and secured 1:13.30.

32 Boys 9/10 4 x 25 free. This is a real battle. Lots of splash. Beckenham take the lead  with the Marlins fighting for second place. Leg 3 and Canterbury trying to chase down the Beck but a little too much to do and grab a well deserved second place, 1:16.85.

33 Girls 13/u  100 fs. Canterbury out first and a strong first 25. Maintaining the lead down the second length and holding nicely down 75 . Yes a strong controlled first place for the Marlins with Margo Koets 1:10.40 and Georgia Judge for the Scratch Team 1:18.06.

34 Boys 13/u 100 fs. James Wilton again for the Marlins and he sets off like he has all night in fine fashion. Turning first to pull out the lead and swims very well to hold off and take a good win 1:04.39.

35 Girls 12/u 100 back. Canterbury and Beckenham showing up in the first 50 and proving the quality of these two teams tonight. Clara swimming another very balanced race and comes home to secure another win for the Marlins 1:22.95 and Lulu Willet for the Scratch team 1:26.56.

36 Boys 12/u 100 back. Tom Wilton for the Marlins this time and shows his quality in the backstroke turning first and pulling away. Nice turns and good form sees Tom pull out a nice lead down the last 50 and a controlled final 25 sees the win for the boys in black and yellow 1:21:52,

37 Girls 10yr 50 breast. Eleanor Casey swims a closely contested first length with Beckenham emerging down the final length to take the win and Eleanor getting a very respectable second place 53.78 and Courtney Browning for the Scratch team, 56.82.

38 Boys 10yr 50 breast. Looks like a similar race to the girls with Beckenham taking up the lead. Canterbury fighting hard down the last length and secures a fine third place with Benjamin Wright, 57.77.

39 Girls 13/u 100 fly. Connie Willet up for the Marlins for this tough 100 fly and fights hard with Beckenham. Beckenham turn first but Connie holds on and fights hard to grab a very well deserved second place. Great swim. 1:22.88

40 Boys 13/u 100 fly. Tom Wilton for the Marlins and he swims a very controlled race. All 4 top lanes neck and neck after the first 50. Canterbury scratch team pull out a small lead in length 3 but Canterbury fight back to grab second behind the B team.

41 Girls 12/u 100 free. Rosie for the Marlins and swims in a tight first 50. Rosie shows her strength and class as she cleverly pulls ahead and swims a very comfortable win for the home team 1:12.11 and for the Scratch Team Sophie McDonnell 1:17.18.

42 Boys 12/u 100 free. Oliver up for Canterbury now and gets off to a solid start turning first. Nice swimming as he pulls out further bit in the first 50. As he sets off down the second 50 the other teams are beginning to drop off and Oliver stretches out to a fine win for the Marlins 1:11.95 and Ryan Waters for the Scratch Team 1:29.39.

43 Girls 10yr 25 fly. Wow what a race. 1st Piper Ridley Parish 20.39 and Eleanor Casey for the Scratch team 22.37.

44 Boys 10yr 25 fly. Similar set up but a strong swim from Beckenham to take the top points and Canterbury grabbing second with Samuel Jack 22.78 and Scratch Team Luka Scannell 25.06.

45 Girls 11/u 4x25 fs relay. Nice start by Canterbury. Neck and neck down the first and Canterbury take the lead in leg 2. Pulling ahead in leg three and a splashing sprint down leg 4 to take another set of top points, 1:04.02.

46 Boys 11/u 4 x 25 fs relay. Wow what a splash in this race as Canterbury storm into the lead. Great fight back by the other teams in leg two but Canterbury holding. Leg three sees Canterbury still out in front but only just. Final leg to the Marlins as they cruise in home to take all the points, 1:07.36.

47 Girls 13/u 4 x 50 medley relay. Beckenham off to a flyer here as they take out a commanding lead in leg 1: off into the lead they go in leg 2 and both Canterbury teams chasing frantically. Fine race by the girls include so Canterbury just need to hold fire and swim it home in good form. Good swim by Beckenham and they take in fine form. Canterbury second, 2:36.23.

48 Boys 13/u 4x50 medley relay. Now come on lads. The penultimate race and a solid start sees the Marlins and the boys in Blue contesting the first leg. Beckenham take the lead and edge out a little more in the breaststroke leg but Canterbury holding on well. It's a long race so all eyes on leg 3. Canterbury closing in nicely and begin to pull level after 150. What a final 50 and Canterbury show the others why they are top on the night with a strategically fought battle to take the top spot. Exciting swim and the gallery at their loudest all night. No encouragement required from MC Mark Walsh.

49 SQUADRON RELAY - Last event of the night and one swimmer, boy and girl from each age group, swim one length in age order starting with the youngest.

Beckenham take an early lead after 50 and the others fight hard to catch up. Still Beckenham out in front but the others tracking. Beck and Canterbury fighting first and second...what a race!!!! Canterbury pulling up and inching closer all the time and the crowd is literally screaming. It's neck and neck but Canterbury win by a fingernail, 2:07.08.

A fantastic night's swimming from all teams.

Out of 49 races 67% were won by Canterbury and 27% of the races secured 2nd place by our fantastic swimmers, justifying a well-deserved win with 270.5 points to Beckenham B's 239.5, Larkfield 3rd 177 pts and Black Lion B 4th 127pts.